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Private Jet & Air Charter Companies

With 1,867 air charter operating companies in the U.S. and 8,970 aircraft based across all states and most cities, the choices can be overwhelming.

Jet Charter Review, the charter listing and quoting service of New Flight Charters and FlightList Pro, identifies a reliable and complete listing of charter aircraft available by location.

Check the best available options for your flight need.  Our friendly, helpful charter managers are standing by at (800) 732-0474 or email.  New Flight Charters is one of the oldest and most accredited charter companies and features a Best Price Guarantee for any charter flight.

Air Charter Company Private Jets

Jet Charter Review, the charter listing and quoting service of industry-leader New Flight Charters.
(800) 732-0474

New Flight Charters
Since 2004 charter aircraft owner and leading U.S. private jet charter brokerage New Flight Charters has arranged private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft along with its Best Price Guarantee, top aircraft availability, industry empty legs list, and a perfect safety history. 

Extensive client reviews and industry ratings are available on the New Flight Charters website.  As a registered U.S. government contractor with an A+ rating by the BBB, and named to the Inc.500 fastest growing list four consecutive years, the jet charter company handles 1,400 flights annually nationwide and serves a wide variety of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government heads of state, presidential campaigns, entertainment icons, private families and entrepreneurs.


Jet Charter Review is the charter listing and quoting service of New Flight Charters, a private jet and aircraft charter agent and brokerage worldwide since 2004. New Flight Charters performs as agent for the customer and arranges all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control at all times. Aircraft owned by New Flight Charters are operated under FAA Certificate #CCJA746C by Centurion Flight Services, Inc.

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