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Summary of Charter Directory Aircraft: Size – Capability – Comfort – Rates

The Jet Charter Review’s Best Price Guarantee ensures you’re getting the best price available in the entire market for your flight. You won’t find a better-supported price guarantee from any other private air charter service today. Getting the flight you want at the best price available in the market shouldn’t be hard work. With the Best Price Guarantee you can book with confidence.

Empty Leg & One-Way Private Jet Charter Flight Quotes

A Jet Charter Reviews strength. Take advantage of the best one-way flights available in private aviation with total private jet industry access to nationwide empty legs and 218 one-way pricing aircraft nationwide. Call with your one-way private jet charter need for guaranteed best pricing.

›› One-way pricing aircraft available nationwide, in advance or short notice when available.
›› Total private jet industry access to hundreds of empty leg flight opportunities nationwide.

Private Jets Bozeman Jet Charter

20 Years Industry Leading Service. The Most-Accredited Charter Brokerage Worldwide:

Request Best Available Quotes for Your Trip

    Coast-To-Coast Super-Midsize Jets, As Low As $24,900

    Fly Los Angeles to New York non-stop in a super-midsize jet starting at $24,900, or New York to Los Angeles starting at $26,900.*

    COAST-TO-COAST ROUTING EXAMPLES: Flights Between:One Way Private Jet Charter– Los Angeles and New York
    – California/Arizona/Las Vegas and New York
    – New York/New Jersey and Any Southwest State

    Super-Midsize Nonstop Jets, seating 8-10 passengers:
    Gulfstream 200 • Challenger 300 • Citation Sovereign Falcon 50• Citation X • Hawker 1000 • Falcon 2000

    * Rates are pending aircraft availability and may be lower or higher depending on date requested.

    Even lower jet charter rates are available for midsize jet and light jet charter service coast-to-coast, typically with a fuel stop and comfortable seating for up to 7.

    Passengers can relax and enjoy their flight in spacious executive seating with standard catering included, and rest assured that the leading, top-rated FAA Part-135 Certified Air Carriers are in full operational control. There are no blackout or peak day restrictions. Rates are subject to availability and are all-inclusive plus 7.5% federal tax. Clients will NOT pay any additional fees, costs or fuel surcharges.

    One-Way Price Jet Charters and Best Price Guarantee

    These “floating fleet” aircraft can be quoted point-to-point, better than any aircraft with a home base – that has to include positioning costs to or from its base.

    Large Cabin JetsSuper Midsize JetsMidsize JetsLight Jets
    Gulfstream VChallenger 300 (16)Hawker 800XP (31)Hawker 400XP (37)
    Gulfstream IV-SP (2)Citation X (27)Learjet 60 (5)Citation Ultra (3)
    Gulfstream IV (4)Falcon 50Learjet 55 (2)Citation V (3)
    Challenger 604 (2)Gulfstream G200Citation Excel (2)Citation II
    Challenger 601 (3)Citation SovereignCitation IIICitation CJ3 (8)
    Falcon 2000EXHawker 1000 (4)Falcon 20 (3)Citation CJ2
    Falcon 2000Other Super Midsize (6)Other Midsize (14)Citation Mustang
    Other Large Jets (6)  Other Light (15)

    Jet Charter Review is the only US company making use of all 218 non-based aircraft in the US with one-way pricing, and its Best Price Guarantee.

    The Straight Facts On Jet Cards and Private Jet Quote Pricing

    When aircraft positioning will create your best cost or preferred jet option, it is included at cost.  Jet Charter Review is still less expensive than jet card companies and charter services, and utilize the same quality aircraft and crews.

    Know the private jet charter facts. There is no ‘free positioning’. There is significant cost to moving or flying an aircraft which must be included somewhere in cost, check overall hourly rates or add-ons. You pay for positioning with the jet cards high hourly rate and “membership fees” – not to mention the employees and overhead for management, marketing, accounting, etc. You see it in their hourly rates. Be knowledgeable about the advertising and real costs, and compare Jet Charter Reviews pricing for the same trip.

    Recent Private Jet Charter Quote Example:

    Jet Charter Reviews recently researched and prepared a private jet road-show itinerary for an entertainment industry client in Los Angeles.  With the client’s destination locations, New Flight located the nearest suitable airports, in one case less than a mile from the destination.  New Flight is also coordinating ground transportation for each location, and in-flight custom catering for each flight leg.
    • Day 1 Los Angeles CA – Broomfield (Denver) CO
    • Day 2 Broomfield (Denver) CO – Kansas City MO
    • Day 3 Kansas City MO – Knoxville TN
    • Day 4 Knoxville TN – Addison(Dallas) TX

    Jet Charter Reviews researched the best private jets and charter operators available for this trip, communicating with over 200 jet charter operators who manage over 800 total private jets, and narrowed the selection to the top 5 light jets, top 3 midsize jets, and top 2 super-midsize jets available for this trip.

    All are top-rated independent jets and FAA registered operators, reviewed and rated or approved by ARG/US, Wyvern LTD, or both.  Several are also IS-BAO registered or Air Charter Safety Foundation approved.  New Flight’s primary goal is to arrange the safest jet charters, and safety always comes first.  Charters arranged by New Flight have a perfect safety history.  Of the safest aircraft options, the best values for the trip in each aircraft category are listed below:

    Light Jet
    $24,350 Citation S/II
    $24,827 Learjet 35
    $27,142 Learjet 31
    $27,652 Hawker 400XP
    $27,793 Premier 1
    Midsize Jet
    $28,705 Citation VII
    $29,908 Learjet 60
    $35,634 Learjet 45
    Super-Midsize Jet
    $40,136 Hawker 1000
    $46,304 Falcon 50

    The flight itinerary involves approximately 8 hours flying over 4 days.

    Jet charter prices above are all-inclusive, meaning they include all expected costs for the trip including taxes, airport fees, fuel, overnight costs, crew costs and the like.  Costs not included in the price which would be billed only in their unlikely event include aircraft de-icing, additional flight time for weather or air traffic control, or an itinerary change requested by the passengers.

    As you can see, available pricing through New Flight is far better than most individual charter services and jet card programs, in some cases almost 1/2 the price, and involves no advance pre-payment, or large deposit or investment.  The charter is fully cancelable without penalty up to 48 hours prior to departure.

    Compare Actual Private Air Charter Quotes

    2 passengers, Light Jet requested
    Actual Quotes

    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker

    “S” Jet Card Service

    “M” Jet Card Co

    $17,610 -Citation V

    $23,300 – Light Jet

    $25,650 – Beechjet 400
    $11,038 – Learjet 31

    SUN VALLEY, ID — NEW YORK, NY- one way
    4 passengers, Heavy Jet requested
    Actual Quotes

    Charter Brokerage

    “S” Jet Card Service

    “M” Jet Card Co.

    $38,890 – G-III

    $48,299- Challenger 604

    $54,100 – G-IV
    $30,298 – G-450

    Aspen, CO  Miami, FL – one way
    3 passengers, Midsize non-stop requested
    Actual Quotes

    Charter Brokerage

    “S” Jet Card Service

    “M” Jet Card Co.

    $23,110 – Astra

    $25,900 – Learjet 60

    $29,620 – Hawker 800
    $17,743- Hawker 800XP
    LOS ANGELES, CA — SUN VALLEY, ID – same day return
    4 passengers
    Actual Quotes
    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker


    Santa Ana
    Charter Service

    $9,812.00 -Hawker 400

    $10,489.63 – Learjet 40

    $10,462.50 – Lear 45
    $9,201.96 – Citation II

    5 passengers, Heavy Jet requested
    Actual Quotes
    … Network 
    Jet Card Co.

    Charter Brokerage

    Charter Operator

    $65,360 -Gulfstream II

    $68,312 – Gulfstream III

    $60,190 – Challenger 601
    $55,146- Challenger 601


    8 passengers, “best price please”
    Actual Quotes
    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker

    National Broker

    Charter Service

    $25,826.00 -Hawker 800

    $28,818.82 – Learjet 60

    $23,733.85 – Hawker 700
    $20,338.55 – Learjet 45


    1 passenger
    Actual Quotes
    … Network 
    Jet Card Co.


    Charter Broker

    $9,460.00 -Lear 35

    $9,198.22 – Citation II

    $9,935.10 – Citation V
    $8,698.85 – Citation CJ1


    4 passengers, mid size Jet
    Actual Quotes
    Jet Card Co.


    Jet Operator

    $24,355.2 -Citation Excel

    $22,022.01 – Citation VII

    $22,899.55 – Lear 60
    $21,643.21 – Hawker700

    DALLAS, TX — NEW YORK – overnight

    2 passengers
    Actual Quotes
    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker

    National Broker

    Charter Service

    $16,826.00 – Learjet 36

    $16,818.82 – Learjet 35

    $17,733.85 – Westwind II
    $15,082.80 – Learjet 35

    LOS ANGELES, CA  LAS VEGAS, NV – drop off
    “Best price jet or turboprop”, 8 passengers

    Actual Quotes
    Van Nuys Aircraft

    Internet Broker

    National Fleet
    Aircraft Operator

    $4,775.00 – Citation V

    $3,742.00 – King Air 350

    $3,421.00 – King Air 200
    $3,305.00 – King Air 350

    SAN DIEGO, CA  SAN JOSE, CA – overnight
    “Jet best price please “, 3 passengers

    Actual Quotes
    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker

    National Broker

    Jet Owner

    $9,942.94 – Citation II

    $9,334.47 – Citation II

    $8,349.85 – CJ1
    $7,789.12 -Citation I

    SAN DIEGO, CA  DALLAS, TX – same day return
    Learjet 35A, 5 passengers

    Actual Quotes
    … Private Air 
    Charter Broker

    National Broker

    Learjet Operator





    6 passengers
    Actual Quotes
    Most Advertised
    … Star Jets 
    Charter Broker

    National Broker

    Charter Operator

    $4,859.34 -King Air 90

    $3,818.82 – King Air 200

    $4,152.50 – King Air 100
    $3,359.00 -King Air 200

    NEW YORK  KANSAS CITY, MO- 3 day trip

    4 passengers
    Actual Quotes
    … Network 
    Jet Card Co.


    Charter Broker

    $19,826.00 -Lear 35

    $18,818.82 – Learjet 35

    $21,035.10 – Westwind
    $18,072.75 – Learjet 35

    CINCINNATI, OH  SCOTTSDALE, AZ – two overnights
    Gulfstream IV, 12 passengers

    Actual Quotes

    “… Elite
    Business Jet
    Charter Broker

    Charter Operator




    No comparable jets

    Above are actual quotes at the time requested. Aircraft availability and rates vary.

    Jet Charter Directory: Charter Jet and Aircraft Base Locations

    Jet & aircraft charters available from these and more airport locations.
    Some aircraft types may not be available for charter at all locations.


    Fort Lauderdale FloridaMiami FloridaWest Palm Beach FloridaKey West FloridaNaples FloridaSt. Petersburg FloridaTampa FloridaStuart FloridaBoca Raton FloridaClearwater FloridaGainesville Florida
    Tallahassee Florida
    Pensacola Florida
    Panama City Florida
    Jacksonville Florida
    Orlando Florida
    Daytona Beach Florida
    Destin Florida
    Sarasota FloridaFort Myers Florida
    New Orleans Louisiana
    Lafayette Louisiana
    Baton Rouge Louisiana
    Raleigh-Durham North Carolina
    Charlotte North Carolina
    Columbia South Carolina
    Charleston South Carolina
    Atlanta GeorgiaAgusta GeorgiaMacon Georgia
    Nashville TennesseSmyrna TennesseeGallatin TennesseeMemphis TennesseeKnoxville TennesseeChattanoogaTennessee
    Lexington Kentucky
    Birmingham AlabamaMontgomery AlabamaMobile Alabama
    New Orleans Louisiana
    Shreveport Louisiana
    Jackson Mississippi
    Little Rock Arkansas
    New Orleans Louisiana
    Baton Rouge Louisiana
    Lafayette Louisiana


    Denver ColoradoAspen ColoradoVail ColoradoEagle ColoradoSteamboat SpringsTelluride ColoradoColorado Springs ColoradoBroomfield ColoradoRifle ColoradoFort Collins ColoradoSalt Lake City UtahOgden UtahHeber City UtahSt. George Utah
    Kalispel Montana
    Bozeman Montana
    Billings Montana
    Boise Idaho
    Sun Valley IdahoHailey IdahoPocatello IdahoTwin Falls IdahoJackson WyomingJackson Hole WyomingCasper WyomingGillette WyomingCheyenne Wyoming
    Seattle Washington
    Spokane Washington
    Tacoma Washington
    Everett Washington
    Honolulu Hawaii
    Maui Island Hawaii
    Kona Hawaii

    Portland Oregon
    Hillsboro Oregon
    Bend Oregon

    Bandon Oregon
    Medford Oregon


    New York New YorkWhite Plains New YorkRochester New YorkAlbany New YorkFarmingdale New YorkSouthhampton New YorkWesthampton New YorkTeterboro New Jersey
    Morristown New Jersey
    Trenton New Jersey
    Atlantic City New Jersey
    Millville New Jersey
    Caldwell New Jersey
    Hartford Connecticut
    Bridgeport Connecticut
    New Haven Connecticut
    Boston Massachusetts
    Bedford Massachusetts
    Cleveland Ohio
    Columbus Ohio
    Cincinnati Ohio
    Akron Ohio
    Dayton Ohio
    Baltimore Maryland
    Washington DC DullesWashington DC ReaganMartinsburg VirginiaManassas Virginia
    Richmond Virginia
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    Harrisburg Pennsylvania
    Allentown Pennsylvania
    Providence Rhode Island
    Waterford Michigan
    Pontiac Michigan
    Detroit Michigan
    Ypsilanti Michigan
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    Lancing Michigan

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